Hi all, welcome to my blog. My name’s Chris Hallsworth, I’m 24 years old and I’m registered blind with light perception. I am also moderately deaf, and also have physical problems caused by cerebral palsy, a nonprogressive brain condition where parts of the body don’t function properly due to weakness or paralysis of the areas affected. I’m a university student studying a higher national diploma (HND) in Computing and Information Systems, and I’ve completed my second of three years. It’s a full time course based in Birmingham City University, Perry Barr, Birmingham, United Kingdom. My hobbies are listening to music, being on the computer, socializing, cooking and medical matters. I have a long distance relationship with my girlfriend Hannah Day. She’s also totally blind, and is 19 years old. She’s just completed her three years at the Royal National College for the Blind in Hereford, United Kingdom. Our home towns are in Belper, United Kingdom and Bolton, United Kingdom respectively. Hannah has just completed her final year studies, which included Foundation Diploma, Numeracy, literacy and ICT. She will be studying a local course based at her college in Bolton this September.

I think that’s all for now folks, so enjoy my blog, and I look forward to any comments or feedback, good and bad, which I welcomely receive. Thanks again, and have a good day. P.S. This is my very first blog so apologies if this is not “standard blogging”.


3 Responses to “Introduction”

  1. michael babcock Says:

    I ask that you check out my blog
    and comment on it as well. I can’t wate for updates to your blog, and do truly hope that you update relatively soon.

  2. Jake Joehl Says:

    Hello Chris and welcome to the blogosphere. Everything on here looks good so far. I think it’s cool that you have started a blog. I’ve had mine going now for just under two years. Actually I tried to set one up on Diaryland but ran into trouble so I deleted that one. Not long after that I heard about and thought I’d check it out, and it’s worked out great thus far. So go check out my blog by clicking on my name in the comments section on here. Hope you enjoy it and have a wonderful day!

  3. James Scholes Says:

    Hey Chris,

    Great to see you’ve started a blog, can’t wait for your next update, and hopefully, next updates. I too have a blog which you can read by clicking the blog link on my website’s home page, or by simply clicking here.


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